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Charming Yangling

- The first national agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zone in China

- National Food Safety Demonstration City

- The only free trade zone with distinctive agricultural characteristics among all pilot free trade zones of China

- National Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Demonstration Base

- The significant birthplace of Chinese agriculture civilization

- National Modern Agriculture Industrial Park

- Well-known “Agricultural City” in China and at abroad

- Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Zone

- The host city of “China Yangling Agri Hi-Tech Fair”, one of the four science and technology exhibitions with the key support of our country

- Foreign Aid Training Base for Chinese Dry Farming Techniques

Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Industries Demonstration Zone (Yangling Demonstration Zone in short) is located in the center of the Guanzhong plain, Shaanxi Province, 82km away from Xi’an City in the east and 86km from Baoji city in the west, with a total area of 135km and a population of 200,000. Longhai railway and Lainhuo express way go across Yangling, Yangling enjoys an efficient transportation system. With warm temperate sub-humid monsoon climate, rich water resource and fertile soil, Yangling is suitable for the growth of various crops.

Yangling is one of important birthplace of Chinese farming civilization. As early as 4000 years ago, Houji, the first-ranking official in charge of agriculture in the Chinese history, taught people how to grow crops here. In 1934, the national Northwest College of Agriculture and Forestry (predecessor of the current Northwest A&F University) was founded here by senior Kuomingtang official Yu Youren and compatriot General Yang Hucheng, so Yangling became a place of origin for modern higher agricultural education of Northwest China. In the following decades, Yangling has developed into a famed ‘Agro-science’ city, with more than 70 disciplines and specialties in the fields of agriculture, forestry and water resources, and a total of about 5000 research members.


There are rich tourism resources around Yangling, such as Xi’an-Xianyang tourism circle in east, the Buddhism base Famen Temple in west, Taibai Mountain and Taoism base—Lou Guan Tai in south as well as Qianling Mausoleum in north. Moreover, Yangling itself possesses unique tourism resources: the biggest cloned goat base in China, where the first cloned goat from an adult cell ‘Yang Yang’ was born; the biggest entomology museum all over the world in the Yangling Agricultural Museum Garden, which collected one million of insect specimens at home and abroad; Yangling Modern Agricultural Dmonstration Park, which diaplays the infinite charm of modern agricultural civilization; China Yangling Agricultural Hi-tech Fair (CAF in short) held from Nov 1st to Nov 5th annually, one of the four hi-tech fairs in China, has been honored as ‘the Agricultural Science and technology Olympic Games’ of China.




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