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Presenter Guidelines

1. Guidelines for oral presentations

 l To ensure a smoother transition between talks, speakers are kindly asked to transfer their presentations before the session starts to the  laptop provided in the conference room. Please do not forget to transfer the associated video files, if any. 

   l       For speakers who prefer to use their own laptops, several types of adapters, e.g., mini-Display Port-to-HDMI Adapter, will be provided. Please contact the technical assistants in the conference room before your session starts.

   l      As a general rule please kindly allow 3 to 5 minutes discussion time.

2. Guidelines for poster presentations (this is just in case, we will try to accomodate as many talks as possible)

1) Poster dimensions:

   l  The maximum size of each poster is 1.2 meters high by 1.2 meters wide.

2) Poster Setup and Removal:

   l  Posters can be set up beginning at 3:00 pm, Wed 07 Aug 2019, on the ground floor of the conference venue (the Wentian Building).

   l  Each poster board will be assigned a number corresponding to your poster number in the program, such as P01, P02……

   l  Staff will be available to provide assistance in locating a poster and providing supplies such as push pins, tape, and scissors.

   l  Posters will remain up during the entire workshop. Please remove them after the afternoon tea break, Sat, 10 Aug 2019.

3) Poster presentations: 

 l  If necessary, a dedicted poster-viewing session can be arranged. Otherwise, we will take the opportunities of coffee breaks.

 l  Presenters please be available for at least 1 hour at your posters.

 l  It is highly recommended to leave a note on your poster board indicating when you will be at your presentation before your poster session starts. The note can be picked up at the Help Desk.



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