专家介绍 - 胡春

Chun HU is currently Professor in School of Environmental Science and Engineering, and Dean of Institute of Environmental Research at Greater Bay, Guangzhou University. She is the winner of National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Outstanding Supervisor Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2008 and the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress in 2006. She serves as the follow of the Chemical Committee for Applied Chemical Water treatment of the China Chemical Society. She performs researches in the field of: 1) Principle of advanced oxidation water treatment by multiphase catalysis; 2) The principle of interfacial chemical-microbial co-control of organic pollutants; 3) Deep purification of drinking water and quality control of drinking water pipe network; 4) Control principle of Micro-pollutants and pathogenic microorganisms in Recycling Water cycle.